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More About Us

We complete all types of pool services all carried out to the highest standards, and at very competitive prices.

Leak Detection - Utilising the latest technology equipment we can find and fix the leaks that others can't.

New Pools - A swimming pool can completely transform your backyard and offer many years of great memories. We offer a range of different pools including custom fibreglass and vinyl pools to suit your specific needs.

Pool Painting - Ensuring the surface of your pool is properly protected and maintained is crucial to ensuring your pool lasts the distance. Painting a pool is a specialist job and requires experience and expertise, All About Pools has the experience and expertise to ensure your pool is properly prepared and coated successfully for a lasting result. All About Pools use only the best quality products for the best quality result. We can offer a range of colours and can transform your tired pool.

Vinyl liners -  We can replace the vinyl liner in your existing liner pool. We can also install liners to existing and new pools as a great alternative to paint, plaster, fibreglass or tiles. We can quickly overhaul your pool with a long lasting, good looking vinyl liner and with our new track system we usually don't have to replace your existing coping stones unlike other systems. There are a number of benefits in choosing a vinyl liner - talk to us today to find out why this may be the solution for you.

Heat Pumps and Solar Heating - Heating your pool is the best way to get the most from your investment. A longer and more enjoyable swimming season. We  an offer both Heat Pump and Solar options to suit you. 

Project Management - With a range of trusted contractors I can oversee and manage your poolside project to completion.

As a member of the New Zealand Pool Industry Association you can have every confidence in our professional service.

No job to big or to small - Don't delay call me today!


Professional Services

Meeting Your Needs

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Leak Detection

Expert Service

Aside from being inconvenient a leaking pool can have serious long term consequences and will be costing you ongoing money in chemical replacement. Finding leaks in a swimming pool is a specialised job and we can do it. Utilising the latest technology and equipment we can often identify and locate your leak requiring a much smaller (and less expensive) disturbance to repair.

Pool Painting and Refurbishment

Attention to detail

Painting a pool properly requires know-how and attention to the finer details for a top-quality lasting finish. As an Epotec approved applicator we utilise only the latest epoxy paint technology and proper preparation to ensure your pool will look better for longer. Call me for a free quote now.

New Pools

Massive selection

Thinking about taking the plunge on a new pool project? Talk to me first! All About Pools supply and install Riverina Pools. If you are after something specific and unique we also offer custom made in New Zealand Affordable Pools. A swimming pool will add a real wow factor to your home and provide many years of great summer memories.

Building Plans
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Project Management

Working for you

With a range of trusted quality contractors, we can work with you to plan and execute all aspects of your swimming pool area refurbishment to your complete satisfaction.

Pool Covers

Extend your season

Every pool and every homeowner have their own unique needs. Choosing the correct type of cover for your situation and goals is crucial. Creating and retaining heat, reducing evaporation and chemical loss, a properly specified and fitted cover makes all the difference.

Equipment and installation

Expert service and advice

We can supply and install the full range of equipment for your pool. Heatpumps, filters, pumps, chlorinators, automatic cleaners and much more. We can offer the latest pool systems to make your pool experience simpler and more enjoyable

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Vinyl Liners

Replacement and retrofit

We don't just replace liners to existing liner pools, we can also install liners into brand new pools. Vinyl can be a great alternative to paint, plaster, tiles or fibreglass for your pool refurbishment. Modern liners look great and come in a range of colours and patterns. With our new track system we can install and replace liners without the need to remove existing coping stones making for a quick and cost effective installation. We can also repair existing vinyl liners.

Heat Pump and Solar Heating

Making the most of your pool

Heating your pool is one of the best ways to get the most out of your investment. Extending and making your swimming season far more enjoyable.
Modern heat pumps are very efficient, for every 1kw of input they can return around 5kw of heat.
A solar heating system may also be a good option for you. Over a period of time the lower running costs can make solar heating a great option for some.

Insurance Repairs

Expert Service and advice

Very few pools in canterbury survived the earthquake sequence without some degree of damage. I have extensive experience in managing insurance claims for swimming pools and can work with you and your insurer to achieve a resolution. 
From an independent report through to a fully managed repair, talk to me about your claim and how we can help.


"Mike was able to provide an accurate estimate to repair a tricky hidden in ground leak. Nothing was too hard or much hassle. Managed to replace existing tiles, goes the extra mile at a reasonable price. Highly recommended!"

"Great service from Mike. Highly recommend."

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